Sandi Munoz

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When you get to know Huntington Beach resident Sandi Munoz, her background unfolds like a classic success story of someone who overcame enormous obstacles. "Several years ago, when I first entered the work-place, I was a single parent with two young daughters," she recalls. Even though her colleagues were skeptical about her ability to balance the pressures of a career with the priority she placed on her girls, Sandi´s actions quickly dispelled their doubts. "I expected more from myself and took every opportunity to learn and perform in such a way that I not only achieved my goals, but exceeded my own expectations." Although Sandi´s philosophy earned her great professional success in corporate sales, there was a turning point when she needed to make the decision to move up into the executive arena or remain at the level she had reached. It was a major opportunity but she knew that her heart wasn´t in management. "I loved working one on one with people," she says. "I liked looking them in the eye and listening to what they needed, then taking the steps to accomplish their goals." Armed with confidence Sandi took a new direction in her career where there were no limits to her potential. Since she made that decision more than fifteen years ago, Sandi has not only achieved an enviable level of professional esteem but has positively impacted countless individuals and families.

Sandi has taken a different course in real estate that is too seldom practiced in the business world today?accountability and service. "My clients´ expectations are my priority." Whether Sandi is negotiating the sale of her clients´ home, or helping the newly married couple find their first home, Sandi´s family is her true joy. She´s proud of her two girls and feels fortunate to watch them raise families of their own. When she finds time away from her schedule, Sandi puts her golf clubs in the trunk and is off to one of the local golf courses. She enjoys being out in the sun with friends in a good-natured competition. She invests her energy and meticulous eye for details to achieve exceptional results in every transaction. Sandi understands that her actions directly impact the outcome of your home sale or purchase. When you are in the process of making such important financial and personal decisions you´ll appreciate Sandi´s responsiveness to every detail of your transaction.

When you consult with Sandi on your upcoming real estate transaction, you can rest assured that your interests are in the hands of a seasoned professional. Her market expertise and business principles are unparalleled. That´s why her clients return to Sandi and encourage their family and friends to consult with her when they require quality real estate service. If you expect more from your home sale or purchase, make sure Sandi is your guide to exceptional results.

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